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Czech civic organisation Pulse of Europe – Czech Republic was created in spring 2017. Our main goal is to defend the membership of Czechia in the European Union, support the project of united Europe and develop solidarity among European citizens. We adhere to the ideas and values of the same-name pan-European movement, which was created in similar time. Today, it is active in 130 cities and 16 countries of Europe and has around 100,000 members and supporters.

Pulse of Europe was created in response to the rising wave of populism undermining the roots of peace, collaboration and liberal democracy in Europe. We believe that majority of Europeans in Czechia and elsewhere does not support and fears this development. We intend to give voice to people who care about the future of Europe.

In our view, the European Union is not just a set of regulations, rules and institutions but also a shared project for preserving the values of peace, democracy, freedom, justice, prosperity, security and human rights for all Europeans. We may debate over specific topics how to well align the relations between the European Union and its member states. However, we like Europe and we want to continue building it, not destroying.

"We are determined to contribute to preserving united and democratic Europe. We want human dignity, rule of law, freedom of thought, tolerance and respect to remain a firm basis of our European society."

We are firmly convinced that Czech national interests command not only membership in the European Union but also full participation in the core of the Union and all key areas of European integration. Czechia needs to have a say in the reform of European institutions and their final arrangement. We need European Union to become more agile, focused on big continental issues and accountable to the European citizens.

It is crucial for Czechia to remain a free, democratic, just and tolerant country adhering to European values. Only such Czechia can play a positive role in Europe and the world.

To achieve these goals, we engage in awareness raising and issue advocacy online and offline. In 2017, we followed example of European Pulse of Europe and started organising regular marches and meetings under the European flag. We also collaborate with similarly-minded friends in Poland and Germany and organised several common events. Reflecting the troubling political development in Czechia, which seems start drifting away from the above-mentioned European values, we regularly participate in various pro-democratic events and collaborate with othet activist organizations on European initiatives

Besides „street“ events we also launched a „Europe is our home“ campaign online, competition #MyEU and activism on social media; we are preparing a number of other projects. Above all, we celebrate the growing number of active volunteers and supporters. Our organization is completely independent of any state institutions and political parties. We are exclusively financed by our members and private donors and we have opened a transparent bank account.

If you want to get in touch with us, reach out to someone from our team or write to We look forward to hearing from you!